6 Reasons You Need a Wedding Rehearsal

6 Reasons You Need a Wedding Rehearsal

A few weeks ago, a video was spotted on Instagram that seemed to be troubling. The creator recommended skipping the rehearsal. Watching the seconds-long video, we found ourselves disagreeing with pretty much every point – and we weren’t the only ones! Wedding professionals and other brides & grooms who felt the same way filled the comments section. We don’t want to give the video any more airtime than it’s already received, so we won’t be linking to it. However, we will explain all of the reasons why we think you should do a wedding rehearsal. To us, it’s vital. So, consider this our rebuttal.

Wedding Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal generally occurs the day or night before your big wedding day. It’s when you and your better half, your wedding party, and family members will practice processing, standing at the altar and recessing. It typically lasts for about 30minutes, followed by dinner.

On the big day, there are a lot of things to take care of.

During the wedding ceremony, you, your partner, your families, and your wedding party all might walk down the path, stand or sit and then walk back to the aisle. Chances that additional family members or friends will read passages during your ceremony. Each of these people (and you both!) must know what, where, and how they are performing their roles. The rehearsal allows you to become familiar with these details before your wedding ceremony.

A Get-Together 

You may have celebrated and attended pre-wedding events like engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties, but there’s still a chance all the people attending your wedding ceremony haven’t met each other yet. It’s also helpful for bridesmaids and groomsmen to form a rapport before making to it to the big day with each other to make the day more fun and low-key.

Your Group can get their Jitters out.

Whether you thrive under the spotlight or your preference is to shy away from lots of attention, a big wedding day can make anyone nervous. Having everyone understand their role in your wedding can be powerful, and even knowing where and when each moment will occur can ease so much pressure. Your wedding day is not just about you and your partner, but also about your friends and family. Moreover, a run-through will allow any kids who will be walking down and back up the aisle to become much more comfortable!

The pivotal people become known.

It is essential that your family members and friends meet and is equally as important for everyone to get to know each other before the wedding day. Both are the go-to people everyone will need to look for throughout your wedding ceremony.

Only 30-60mins long.

Wedding rehearsals are inherently short. Most of them are less than an hour long. Everyone will feel comfortable and more confident after an hour. Ultimately, it is time well spent.

It is likely included in your cost.

Your wedding rehearsal is most often included in the price of renting your space, regardless of whether you host your ceremony in a different place than your reception or if both take place at the same place. One must make sure this is the case but if it is, don’t skip it and leave money on the table.

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