Dua Lipa Just Wore The Amazing Monokini, With a Shacket & Trucker Hat

Dua Lipa Just Wore The Amazing Monokini, With a Shacket & Trucker Hat

Dua Lipa has rethought what makes a great spring break experience with her latest set of Instagram posts. The amazing pop star skipped the wild party and opted for a more serene vacay in the Utah desert. It might be difficult to recreate the winding canyons in her photos, but we can definitely recreate each of Dua Lipa’s swimsuit looks. Let’s start with Dua Lipa’s one-piece swimsuit, which was hotter than the desert heat.

The one-piece swimsuit was casually revived by Dua Lipa while basking in the sun. There’s no way she could even be considering how she’s affecting everyone’s wardrobes this spring and summer. String bikinis and cheeky bottoms have dominated the swimwear market for the last few years, leaving one-pieces in the dust. Dua Lipa’s post transported me back to the monokini glory days of the early 2000s when every celebrity could be seen wearing cutout swimsuits in paparazzi shots.

In contrast to monokinis, Dua Lipa’s one-piece shows how the trend has evolved over the last decade. The turquoise suit features a simple cutout, a high-thigh cut, and a strapless top. Playing on the non-traditional swim material trend, we have seen celebrities as Kim Kardashian wear this suit that has a velvet-like texture.

I must take a moment to discuss Dua Lipa’s swim cover-up and accessories, which use non-traditional materials. She paired her stunning one-piece with a fuzzy pink shacket and a matching trucker hat instead of the usual sarong or button-down. While the beach may be too sandy for mohair, a lake, pool, or river are all on the table.

This is your very chance to pull out your fall shacket and pair it with one of the cool cut-one pieces below for your next day in the sun.

Celine One Piece

The classic black one-piece with the oblique cutout is right for you swimming sessions. The style of this one-piece is very similar to Dua Lipa’s but has extra support of the one shoulder strap.

Shine Cutout Halter One Piece Swimsuit

What’s better than one cut one in your new swimsuit? This shiny one-piece has two oblique cutouts and an adjustable halter tie.

Cash Terry One Piece Swimsuit

This colorful swimsuit also has a one-shoulder neckline, and terry material is used for the one-piece. The variations include a rainbow swirl, so you can be peak maximalist in minimal fabric.

Gigi One Piece Swimsuit  

If you liked Dua Lipa’s strapless blue shimmer swimsuit, you would also like this one piece by Ramy Brook, which is worth the investment. The side tie is super flattering on all types of bodies, and the suit comes with removable straps if you are looking for more support.

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