Emerging Homegrown Labels Giving Sustainable Fashion A Facelift

Emerging Homegrown Labels Giving Sustainable Fashion A Facelift

From injecting riotous colors to the introduction of structural shapes into the mix, sustainability no longer subscribes to a singular style.

Before sustainability became popular, it was characterized by bulging anti-fit figures in muted colors. Often portrayed as pared back and functional, it was the domain of eco-warriors who valued sustainability over style. Since then, industry innovators have worked tirelessly to integrate the two, so they are inseparable from each other. Presently, young designers are giving conscious fashion a new look by adding structured silhouettes, riotous prints, and serotonin-boosting colors.

Sustainability no longer subscribes to a singular style, and we look at emerging labels that are making consciously crafted fashion ultra-covetable.

Ura Maku

Ura Maku’s surprisingly simple separates make a lasting impression – think enduring classics reinterpreted with handwoven and natural fabrics. With a fearless play of shape, texture, and proportion, the pieces have a timeless appeal for a sustainable life span. Designer Manjushree Saikia pays homage to her Assamese roots by reviving local crafts from the North East, among other regions in the country. The label’s impeccable modern tailoring ensures that each trans-seasonal design – from the redefined power suit to of-the-moment waistcoats​ – slots into your closet effortlessly.


Fluffy dresses, frothy blouses, and full skirts take on mood-enhancing colors and riotous prints at Malie. Established by partners Amalie Othilia Brandi Mikkelsen and Karandeep Singh, the label is a visual celebration of two culturally diverse and contradictory backgrounds – Mikkelsen’s Danish roots and Singh’s homeland of India. Seeking inspiration in artisanal crafts, Malie’s spirited pieces champion handloom woven fabrics and vivid hand-block prints. Their saturated creations have presence and offer just the sartorial boost we seek.


Ura is Arunima Sahni Vig’s pandemic baby, creating foundational wardrobe staples that will form your wardrobe’s core. Beautifully elegant, the pieces hit the sweet spot between current and timeless. Designed with thoughtful fabrics and utilitarian silhouettes, the designs hold longevity over time and can be re-worn and re-invented repeatedly. Carefully crafted and ethically produced forever pieces prove that buying better means buying less. Clean lines and sleek shapes elevate comfort and make this your everyday uniform.


Rigu’s trophy designs are characterized by psychedelic prints and ombre tie-dye. Founded by Riya Gupta, the label’s pieces transcend trends and embody unique minimalism. Each of the Rigu’s creations– the draped skirts, the geometric pantsuits, or the enveloping silk dresses – reflects everyday luxury with a modern touch. Rigu updates traditional artisanal techniques of tie-dye and block-printing with handloom fabrics, vegan silk, and organic denim. The designs are tie-dyed by hand and no two pieces are alike. Enjoy a sense of occasion every day with the laid-back yet luxurious designs that highlight comfort.


With fresh silhouettes remastered with artisanal textiles and surface techniques, Joskai celebrates the traditional textiles of North East India. Founder Sujaya Hazarika is revitalizing indigenous crafts and refurbishing old textiles from the region by collaborating with artisans, particularly the Tiwa community in Assam. Luxe eri and mulberry silk, also known as Pat silk locally, take centre stage – the villages around Guwahati are renowned for their silk centres. Traditional Assamese Buta design and intricate motifs of Gos Phul are woven into silk in striking jewel tones and cut into sharp pantsuits and voluminous dresses.

Shop Staple

With masculine tailoring and structured separates, Staple by Gona Khanijo Vidha Chadha delivers serious Annie Hall vibes. Crafting purposeful everyday pieces, the closet staples work overtime to reinvigorate everyday go-to’s and offer endless layering potential – this ultimately hints at a more sustainable approach to dressing. Timeless creations and clean-cut pieces may be Staple’s calling card, but their designs – from boxy blazers to pleated dad pants – are total knockouts. Staple establishes that staples are essentially statement pieces disguised under streamlined silhouettes.


For minimal fashion that is timeless yet transformative, look to Reistor. Founded by siblings Mehma and Harjas Singh, the label crafts contemporary yet classic apparel that highlights comfort and convenience. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, everything from their impeccably-cut blazers to their timeless dresses are fresh interpretations of wardrobe staples. Sustainability is key to Reistor’s ethos, and the designs cut from sustainable fabrics like hemp are made to be worn and cherished forever.

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