Everyone’s Favorite Perfume Also Comes In a Body Oil & Shoppers Say It’s a ‘Walk Through Heaven’

Everyone’s Favorite Perfume Also Comes In a Body Oil & Shoppers Say It’s a ‘Walk Through Heaven’

When we think of designer fragrances, Chanel automatically comes to mind. Chanel N°5 is absolutely iconic and so is Coco Mademoiselle. Remember all those dreamy magazine ads and commercials with Keira Knightley? It’s a timeless fragrance from a timeless designer, but they’ve done one thing to give the scent a fun, more nourishing update.

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle also comes in a body oil in the same delicious scent. The oil comes in a spray format so that you can spritz your skin all day long. Not only does it freshen you up, it also moisturizes. In fact, the spray-on body oil is meant to leave your skin silky smooth thanks to jojoba oil, limnanthes alba oil and a special rose-jasmine complex.

“A friend gave it to me a couple years before I received this wonderful offer. Until then, I had never worn women’s fragrances, because I found them too sweet or floral. Suddenly, people were stopping me in the street to ask what perfume I was wearing,” Knightley once told DuJour.

Whether you already adore Coco Mademoiselle or want a fragrance spray that’s a little less concentrated, you’re going to want to snap up a bottle ASAP, especially since it’s only available at Chanel.

What exactly makes this fragrance so irresistible, you might ask? Well, it has notes of warm amber, fruity orange, floral jasmine and rose, earthy vetiver and sweet patchouli—basically, it has a little bit of everything. It’s bold and sophisticated like Coco Chanel, but also light and enchanting.

You’re going to want to mist the body oil all over and massage it into your skin. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in the same boat as Keira Knightley—getting stopped on the streets to answer questions about your perfume.

This is a walkthrough heaven,” raved one shopper who gave it a perfect five-star rating. “It is dreamy, softens, leaves my smooth and silky soft. I love this body oil. I need several bottles of this oil. And the fragrance…. Soooooo yummy.

Don’t think a second more about whether to check out your cart with Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Body Oil. It’s sure to become your new fave scent for spring and summer.

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