HUGE Dyson News: A Revamped, Even Better AirWrap Is Coming & We Have All the Details

HUGE Dyson News: A Revamped, Even Better AirWrap Is Coming & We Have All the Details

When Dyson announced the AirWrap Styler in 2018, it quickly drew a 100,000 person waitlist. Every single person who as never mastered blowing out their own hair (that round brush and dryer combo is tough!) freaked out over the tool. Since then, it’s only become more popular with new and improved attachments. To wit, the Dyson Airwrap hashtag on TikTok has more than 1.9 billion views. Billion. It makes sense Dyson’s next innovation would be an upgraded version of its best-seller: the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler.

Airwrap fans on TikTok are going to lose their minds over this new version, which promises to be faster and easier to use, still without extreme heat. There are some big changes, including increased Coanda airflow so you’ll be able to dry your hair even faster using all the attachments. There’s even a new option for curly and coily hair!

“The advancements in the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler build on the success of its predecessor, through relentless research, user trials and advancements in computational fluid dynamics,” James Dyson said in a statement. “The result: direction change barrels for faster and easier curling, reengineered brush attachments for more precise shaping, and an entirely new, dual-purpose Coanda smoothing dryer. Our ability to control airflow delivers enhanced Coanda performance to curl, shape and hide flyaways – without extreme heat.”

Yes, you read that right: barrels that change direction! Below, the rest of the details you need to know.

First, what’s new: the Coanda smoothing dryer takes hair from wet to (80 percent) damp in pre-styling mode or can be used to finish your style by nixing flyaways in smoothing mode. Also new are the Firm and soft brushes with enhanced airflow for straighter styles and more control. Now, you can actually dry your hair fully using these brushes. Maybe the most exciting though is the new Airwrap barrels available in five sizes. No longer do you have to switch barrels to curl hair in different directions. These new ones feature a rotating cool tip for creating clockwise and counter-clockwise curls and waves without switching attachments. Finally!

Rounding out the list is the Wide-tooth comb attachment to detangle and lengthen curly and coily hair, adding volume as it dries, as well as Round volumizing brushes to shape finer and straighter hair. The Airwrap Multi-Styler launches Summer 2022 for $599.99. Get this: all attachments will work with the original Airwrap so if you already have one, you can save money by buying just the attachments you can’t live without. We’ll update you as soon as we give these newbies a try. To say we’re excited would be an understatement.

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