Kitchen Remodel: The Three Biggest Decisions to Make When Selecting Cabinets

Kitchen Remodel: The Three Biggest Decisions to Make When Selecting Cabinets

The foundation of any kitchen remodel is the cabinets. It’s the one thing you don’t want to mess up, the item you’re most likely to agonize over, and the one area where diving into – measuring. All of this can be a bit overwhelming, but what if everything comes together and gets put into place? You will always enjoy making food in your liked kitchen shape.

It is always fun and helpful to get into more of the thought and design pattern behind kitchen cabinets. Designing kitchen cabinetry decisions can be broken into three parts: Layout, Color & Style, and Functionality.

Continue your blog reading to know the process in detail using the above-mentioned decision drivers.

The first thing you also need to take care of is to have an initial look at what any would look like. To check out if there were any big reasons to change the current layout of the room. Keeping the same layout is one of the best ways to save money when remodeling, so you won’t need to relocate pipes, wiring, or gaslighting.


One should make choices that are pretty basic; replacing old cabinets with new ones always brings the option of more functional storage. The corner unit has a pull-out, layered storage and added a combination garbage/recycle pull-out to the right of the sink; the cabinet under the floating shelves has to pull out drawer storage for pots and pans and also get some nice shelves as well.

Anytime you opt for floating shelves in a kitchen vs. cabinetry, there’s a contingency of people who are really unhappy about it. It sort of cracks up because, honestly, if it works for the homeowner, who cares.

Let’s address the top corners:

  • Things get dusty sitting out in the open. Sometimes it also depends on the home environment.
  • You lose so much storage. Yep, you do. Unless you manage it well, add more storage to several places in the kitchen-above the refrigerator, to the left of the stove and an entire frontline cabinet against the wall where you end up not doing additional cabinetry.
  • It’s a trend and might be it won’t last for long. Having open shelving has been popular for a long time but might not go a long way. It helps in breaking up of the bulk of so much cabinetry, gives more light to travel through the space, and it’s a great spot to display and keep your items such as cookbooks, pottery, and glassware.

The bottom line is if it works for you and you love it, just go for it.

Color & Style

Although the color in the space changes quite a bit throughout the day, this image captures the putty tones and how they change with different light the best!


It was mentioned at the beginning of the article that we didn’t end up adding another cabinet piece here, and yes, it’s all about the functionality of the room. And yes, we will talk about some of the other functionality pieces too, but this is a big one because it teaches an important lesson.

The major lesson here was that thinking through the functionality of this space not only for ourselves but for future tenants helped us make smarter choices.

Functionality with cabinets is one thing you should think of from the beginning of the process to the very end of the process.

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