Lush Lilac & Lavender Bel Air Wedding

Lush Lilac & Lavender Bel Air Wedding

Haven’t you heard? Lavender is the new blush! And while we’ve mostly been gushing about purple-hued gowns fitting bridal runways, the same is true in the floral world.

Luckily, we have the perfect wedding to show off this trendy 2022 hue! Regina & Davis’ lavish & lush Bel Air wedding was filled to the brim with lavender details: bridesmaid dresses, ribbons, stationery, ring boxes & of course the florals, too!

But even if you’re not here for the colors (we understand, it’s a big rainbow!) this Los Angeles wedding has plenty more inspiration to offer. Case in point: the venue. Bel-Air Bay Club offered the most phenomenal views of Southern California’s coastline, gifting their guests the ultimate reason to fly to LA for their wedding day.

Our Love Story

We both met on the first day of medical school. Our interest in each other began from the very beginning when we hung out with the same group of friends and through countless sleepless nights of studying, practicing, and having classes together, we became close. Our relationship soon became official when Davis snuck in the New Years Eve kiss later that year along with a magical weekend in NYC and the rest was history.

With limited time off together during our medical training, we finally had one week off in January 2018 together in Hawaii where the proposal occurred. After a treacherous Kayak ride to and hiking up the Mokolua islands, Davis made the proposal. Luckily we did not lose the beautiful engagement ring he spent years saving up for after our Kayak capsized and while the waves crashed onto the rocks we hiked!

The Venue

Since we had people traveling from a distance, we wanted to make sure that our wedding would be memorable both with the views and the food. Bel-Air Bay Club was the perfect venue because not only did it provide a beautiful view of the California coast, but it also delivered a sense of class and elegance to the wedding day. On top of that, the food and drinks were amazing and we have been told repeatedly how great everything was.

Favorite Moments

Our favorite moment was our first dance as a married couple because it was something we had worked on together as a couple, delivering to our reception, and surrounded by everyone we love.

What made our wedding so unique to us that day was the fact that we were both so careless and had a chance to just enjoy the day.

We both remember feeling that the wedding day was there and that there was nothing that could ruin our spirits that day because everyone we loved was there to celebrate with us.

The Photography & Videography

We decided early on that if there was anything we were going to splurge on for the wedding, it would be photography and videography since those are the moments captured detailing every aspect of the day that we will be keeping for the rest of our lives! To this day, we have no regrets in doing so.

We were first introduced to both Hanh Nguyen and Encor Studio through several of our friends who also used them for their weddings and immediately loved seeing the way they used their artistic abilities to capture the most perfectly candid moments and making every important detail of the weddings stand out.

We specifically chose Hanh Nguyen because of her attention to the littlest details, use of natural lighting, and ability to make us feel so relaxed and natural. We specifically chose Encor Studio also because of their ability to capture the most candid/important moments and to produce a video that would be as magical and reinvent the exact feeling we had on our wedding day.

Advice to Other Couples

Our biggest advice to other couples is to not get so caught up in the tiniest details because it can be so easy to become so focused on every little thing that you forget to enjoy the process. Remember that no matter what, the day is a giant celebration and party that marks the start of your lives and everything will go as perfectly as it can – just trust the process.

Also, remember that there will be so much happening on the actual wedding day, but just make sure that you take as many moments to stop and enjoy your company, the food, the drinks, and to soak in how beautiful everything is that you have planned for the months/years prior.

Also, definitely take couples’ dance classes for that first dance – especially if you aren’t professional dancers!

The Honeymoon

We took a two and a half week vacation all across Europe several months after the wedding! It was nice to have a honeymoon later because it gave us more time to relax from all of the post-wedding festivities and another thing to plan and look forward to after the wedding planning was over.

We started off in Spain where we ventured around Barcelona and Madrid, then went to Portugal where we rented a car and drove up and down the coast of the small country. Afterward, we spent some time in Budapest, Hungary where we went to the largest pool party in Europe, Sparty, and lastly, we ended our trip relaxing and exploring the beautiful islands of Greece.

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