Step Out in Style: 7 Trendiest Micro-mini Skirts To Wear This Season

Step Out in Style: 7 Trendiest Micro-mini Skirts To Wear This Season

The micro mini skirt is the season’s must-have trend, whether you’ve walked past a newsstand, scrolled through Instagram, or checked fashion TikTok. Stripes of denim, khaki, and pleated fabrics are the latest Y2K fever dream to experience a style revival since making headlines during September 2021 Fashion Week. Low-rise denim and schoolgirl skirts have merged to create a mighty hybrid – and the fashion industry cannot match its power.

Miu Mis introduced the micro-mini in S/S 2022. The models walked the runway wearing cropped white button-downs and navy colour sweaters, paired with mini skirts that were slightly wider than the belts that held them in place. After that, the Miu Miu look has become a form of celebrity. Nicole Kidman wore it for Vanity Fair, Paloma Elsesser for I-D and Zendaya for Interview.

It is easier to list the celebs who haven’t worn a Miu Miu micro-mini at this point. Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, Kiernan Shipka and Hunter Schaferare handful of stars who have been spotted in the look recently.

Diesel and Dion Lee debuted their own versions of the micro-mini at the recent Winter 2022 fashion week shows. The micro-mini’s success was boosted with tweed and leather versions — the skirts may be small, but their impact is immense.

Some are curious about trying the micro mini for themselves. But how? Honestly, I have a difficult time imagining myself walking down the street in a micro-mini. As opposed to most of the celebrities I mentioned above, I have considerable ass(ets) to cover in a mini skirt — adding “micro” seems out of the question!

Contrary to popular belief, I love the laid-back “It girl” look of the micro-mini. What’s my solution? Research micro-mini skirts online.

The skirts found are very short and if they aren’t short enough for micro-minis, they can be shortened with a pair of fabric scissors! I plan to start on the longer side of the minis and gradually lose inches until the final style is perfect.

Zara’s site will soon be flooded with micro-minis, but until then, here are some of the best options available online.

Belted Micro Denim Mini

The denim micro-mini has the belted effect of the Miu Miu skirt at a considerably affordable price. The hem is just long enough to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

Micro Mini Skirt

The tangy lime color of micro-mini skirt by Miaou literally makes many mouth water. You can grab it in black if you have any trips planned and it would look gorgeous against a tropical backdrop.

Mini All The Way Skirt

The black mini skirt can be matched with every single thing in your closet. Wear it will platform heels for a night out, or tights and boots for a more everyday feel.

Printed Denim Skirt

This denim mini’s barely-there paisley adds a touch of flair to the trend for microminis. The side slit is a nice touch.

Light Wash Destructed Denim Skirt

The plus-size option has all the important micro-mini elements, but with a high-waisted fit for those that just can’t get into low-rise. I observe you and I don’t blame you!

Jacquard Mini Skirt

The floral take on the micro-mini is ideal for spring. Combine it with another print to play into maximalist fashion, or keep it simple with a white blouse.

Pleated Raw Seam Mini Skirt

The raw hem mini skirt has belt loops so one can add its own flair with a fun belt. A gemstone or Western-style buckle will completely transform the vibe of your outfit.

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