The Ode to My Most Beloved Perfume on National Fragrance Day: Gentle Fluidity Gold

The Ode to My Most Beloved Perfume on National Fragrance Day: Gentle Fluidity Gold

It is that time that you have to decide which scent is perfect for you. Sometimes it takes decades of effort to decide, and sometimes it takes hundreds of trips to department stores and also thousands of dollars.

No matter how you get there, you know right away that you’ve arrived at your aroma paradise. Taking a whiff of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris’s Gentle Fluidity Gold Eau de Parfum made few realize it wasn’t just at the gates of the promised land, they were already there.

This National Fragrance day, if you want to pay tribute to the scent that’s carried through the year. It’s the warm notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and amber. The truffles are sweet but not aggressive, kind of like a piece of dark chocolate that brings back childhood memories while tasting much more sophisticated and profound. The scent of Gentle Fluidity envelops the skin with an aroma that is neither feminine nor masculine but rather universal.

Eau de Parfum comes from a twin-line called Gently Fluidity. Gold and silver scents are made from the same ingredients: nutmeg, vanilla, juniper berries, amber woods, coriander seeds and musk. The amenity fragrance brand found a way to make each fragrance uniquely profound. Everyone has their opinion for some; it can be the silver that is much sharper and more bitter, while the gold aroma slowly builds. Some love the gold; it takes time to recognize each flavor note. Each time I wear it, I am able to appreciate the layers it has and have a unique experience.

Gentle Fluidity Gold Eau de Parfum

Wearing this fragrance is a good idea, especially on dinner date nights. It carries a rich, sexy aroma to it that makes you feel like a million dollars. You may like to spray it on your neck and in the hair so that the scent lasts longer than expected. If you do this, it’ll stay on for a day or two, provided you don’t wash your hair.

Gentle Fluidity is a kind of perfume that outlasts hardcore gym workout sessions as well. When you go to your favorite HIIT classes after work, you can smell the vanilla and nutmeg notes in between push-ups, which it’s pretty sure a pleasant change for an instructor who is used to sweaty, smelly people all day. Maison Francis Kurkdjian might not be your first introduction.

The brand is most famous for its iconic Baccarat Rouge 540 scent (absolutely divine), and also it is rumored to be Rihanna’s favorite fragrance. The TikTok-viral sensation has received well-deserved recognition, but in some opinion, it’s Gentle Fluidity Gold’s time to get some attention.

Despite being a French brand, it is easily available luxury scents at places like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus in the U.S. The scent comes in 2.3 oz and 6.7 oz size options, and it is recommended to prefer the larger. As this is your new go-to perfume and also because it’ll save amount. Since the 2.3 oz size is $235 and the 6.7 oz size is $435; obviously, you will get more bang for your buck with the bigger option.

We know the price is high. But trust this, no other designer fragrances appealed like this before for some. But the 2.3 oz. The size might last for a few months when wearing it every single day. For many, it’s a sense of self more than perfume.

Each morning, you will look forward to spraying it as a form of self-care. The act of spraying this scent lets your mind and body know that a new day has begun and that it is a special one. When you step out the door wearing the special fragrance, you feel confident and powerful. A major part of how you present yourself to the world, whether it’s at work or elsewhere, is through this scent. It lets others know that you are warm, inviting and special. And that’s something you will never give up.

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