Ways To Hide Your Tummy

Ways To Hide Your Tummy

Some people try to hide their bodies when they don’t feel all that confident about them. We all have areas that we try to hide or make appear more pleasing. While doing so, settling for a style, you don’t love isn’t the answer.

The following tips and tricks will help you feel more confident and love how you’re dressed, even when attempting to hide a specific area.

Many times when you are trying to conceal your tummy, oversized and loose-fitting garments are the obvious go-to’s and avoid any style that is a tight fit. What is the best way to feel confident about your appearance if you settle for only loose fits? No.

Why would you like to hide your tummy?

Most women after 40 experience weight gain on their bellies, especially after going into peri-menopause or menopause.

You may lose your waist and begin to develop the apple body shape.

Trying to hide a tummy can make you appear bigger than you really are if you do the opposite.

The following are ways to hide your tummy this spring and love how you look:

  • If you want to balance out your look, go for a looser top and a tighter bottom.
  • A fitted top and a high-waisted bottom are the right combinations.
  • You may pair a fitted top with a high-waisted bottom and add a layer.
  • Opt for shapewear: seamless shapewear worn underneath your clothes helps to mask and sculpt to create a more positive look.
  • Wear a one-piece with a tie waist
  • You should avoid wearing tight or clingy garments over your belly, and choose tops with ruching or drape. This will also keep your look stylish and highlight your strengths,
  • A crossover top and draped blouse are effective, and this one creates asymmetrical vertical lines, which is an extra bonus.
  • Wear leggings or skinnies with longer, draped or asymmetrical tops
  • Dress in long cardigans, jackets, and ponchos to hide your belly
  • Wearing tops over skirts and pants and don’t tuck them
  • Use printed tops as they are very effective in hiding bellies, and you should consider adding a few to your wardrobe as well.
  • Choose brands that flatter your figure as it goes without saying that some stores and brands are more geared towards women with supermodel-like figures, while others are better at designing for women who want to conceal certain areas of the body.
  • One should use accessories to hide the belly. Accessories are a great tool to hide or distract from your tummy. You can, for instance, wear a colorful scarf to draw attention upwards to your face. Or you can leave your scarf loose it drapes down and creates a column effect to disguise your tummy.

With these five tips, you won’t have to settle on only wearing certain styles and fits, and even when you dress to cover parts of your body you don’t love, you can still feel confident in your look.

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